How To Get A Las Vegas Escort Interested In You

Most of us know how to tell if a Las Vegas escort, or any woman, is interested. We know the signs of flirting: the head tilting, the eye contact, the infamous hair flip.

You’ve studied how to flirt with women, how to make women approach you, and even how to get phone numbers. So you’re out making use of your newfound knowledge. You’re chatting up a girl at the club, in the mall, or even on the elevator. You’re walking with confidence, dressing better—heck, even smelling better. You are a man on a mission and won’t take no for an answer!

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But, what do you do when the escort you’re into isn’t interested?

Let’s say you’re practicing all the techniques, and you even saw one of these hot Las Vegas call girls giving you the eye from across the street. So you catch her gaze and smile, holding the glance for a few seconds then breaking away.

Later, you repeat these steps. And she’s still looking at you. You want to approach her, but she’s with a group of catty friends, so you wait for just the right moment when she’s alone at the jukebox. You’re ready to make your move. This is the perfect moment: you’ll say “hi,”she’ll say “hi,” you’ll make some conversation about music and then it’s on. Right?

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So you say, “Hi, I’m fill-in-the-blank.” And she responds with a “Hi.” Good sign! Then you notice her jukebox selection and you comment, “You know, I saw that band in concert in February! They’re awesome.” Way to go, Smooth-talker, this one’s in the bag. “So, do you have any of their albums?” You give her perfect eye contact and a charming smile.

She looks straight back at you and replies with, “Did you know you spilled beer on your shirt?”

Ouch! That one’s gotta hurt!

Okay, so most women are actually not that rude when they reject a man. I’ve been with several women from the Vegas Fantasy Babes escort agency and they’ve all been very nice to me. Most escorts try to spare the opposite sex the ego-crushing humiliation. But still, it’s hard when she’s not interested. So what is a guy to do?

Well, for starters, don’t take it too personally. Chances are, if a woman rudely rejects you, you wouldn’t want to be with her anyway. The same goes for a Las Vegas escort who’s just not interested. You deserve a Sin City escort who’s keen on you, not just the other way around. Not everyone you meet will click with you. It’s part of life, so accept it and move on. Just make sure that when you are on a date, you take her somewhere interesting (you can find a list of Vegas hot spots at Best of Vegas).

The real problem comes when Vegas women are playing hard to get. How are you supposed to distinguished between a cool “come get me” attitude and a cool ice princess one? Sometimes women just lead you on so that they can watch you fumble and fall on your face, when they had no intention of going anywhere with you anyway.

What are the real signals that escorts aren’t interested? Here’s a list, starting from the most obvious to the lesser signals that you may not catch.

  • She ignores you, insults you or flat out tells you she is not interested.
  • She walks away.
  • She starts another conversation while she’s in conversation with you.
  • She looks back towards her friends or anywhere except at you.
  • She has crossed arms or a “standoffish” posture.
  • She backs away when you lean closer.
  • She turns her body to the side rather than angling it towards you.
  • She answers all your questions with a quick, “Uh-huh,” and doesn’t ask you any questions back.

If a woman at a club is playing cool, here’s one way you can see if it’s just a pose: ask her to dance! Often, women just get bored with small talk. Let your moves on the dance floor speak volumes.